When should a child start seeing an optometrist?

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optometrist canberra

Optometrist Canberra

All parents want to get their kids off to a great start in all aspects, including optical health. But most of them are not clear about when is the correct time to start seeing an Optometrist Canberra.

Well, experts have an opinion that it is always good to begin it early. It is because many early eye problems can affect vision for whole life. Hence, finding a minor issue at an early stage and treating it avoids it becoming major and harder to treat.

Sometimes, parents feel that there is no need to see an optometrist because their kid doesn’t have any problem related to vision. However, one should remember that an eye exam is not just to know whether the child needs specs or not.

On the contrary, to consult an optometrist is a kind of preventive care.

When does a child need an appointment?

Doctors recommend that a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist should begin at the age of 1, and it should be repeated when the kid goes to playschool. Even if there are no evident eye problems, it should be done. You can thus detect a variety of abnormalities.

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The optometric test is more important in kids that have a parent or sibling with major eye issues. The test can help kids that have a known eye problem detected by a pediatrician. Even if there are no known or obvious symptoms, the child may have issues related to his or her vision.

Meet the optometrist as soon as possible

An undiagnosed condition may lead to vision loss. So, parents should not take it lightly.  If caught early, the problem can be reversed. Therefore, it is always better to see the optometrist in Canberra.

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Based on the family history, you can decide the best time to schedule an appointment. When there are known vision-related problems, there is always a high risk. Parents should not delay the test.

When an optometrist diagnoses a bigger problem, which is beyond his expertise, then he refers the case to an eye specialist. After doing a detailed investigation, the eye specialist plans appropriate treatment.

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