What’s the Life Expectancy of an Air Conditioner?

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What’s the Life Expectancy of an Air Conditioner?

Life Expectancy of an Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioning Adelaide system is one of the most frequently used things in our house. Not only when there is a big difference between the internal and external temperature, but we keep it on almost around the year. It is quite obvious that when a system works so extensively, it has to break down. You need constant repair and maintenance of it.

Even if you install the best brands such as Daikin Air Conditioning Adelaide, you have to maintain it well to extend its life.

But, in general for how many years you can expect the system to work. Well, they are complex appliances and various factors affect their longevity. However, let’s get some valuable information from experts.

What is the Average Lifespan?

Are you planning to replace the old system and get a new Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide? If yes, then you have to see that the existing system is old enough to be replaced. On average, the air-conditioner should work for ten to fifteen years without a problem.

That is provided if you are servicing it regularly and maintaining it well. Experts recommend that the system has to be serviced at least twice a year. Thus, it will work well and give you long service.

But there are some important aspects that affect this life expectancy, and you cannot ignore them. The life of the system can go up or down based on them.


What is the size of the Air Conditioning Adelaide system? It has to be according to the size of the home and your air-conditioning needs. If it is oversized, then it will turn on and off very quickly. It will affect the efficiency and effectiveness. In long term, it will impact the life of the system.

If it is undersized, then the system will be under constant load. You will not get a longer service then.

Frequency of use

Usage plays a big role in the life expectancy of an Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide. If it is used heavily, then naturally the system will wear out soon. And the situation worsens if the system is not maintained well. Regular servicing is needed if the system works constantly.

And if the system is underutilized, then also it has to be maintained and serviced. Otherwise, it will go bad without working.

These are some issues that affect the life of the air-conditioner. But, one can expect it to work for ten to fifteen years on average.

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