What You Need to know about the Cost of Car Repairs Adelaide?

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What You Need to know about the Cost of Car Repairs Adelaide

It is essential to carry out regular maintenance of your car. It keeps the engine running smoothly and avoids various bigger problems. And regular maintenance is quite inexpensive. Since you avoid expensive car repairs Adelaide down the road, it lowers your total car cost also.

How much money should you keep aside for routine car maintenance? Well, it depends on various aspects.

You need to read the car owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance schedule. As the car becomes older, you need more money for its maintenance.

Modern, advanced cars need less maintenance because they have more improved mechanical components and advanced, computerized systems.

Every car requires the following basic services:

  • General Servicing
  • Oil and filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Multipoint inspection

Cost of various items

You get a detailed estimate from car service Adelaide company. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss a few key items and their costs. Remember, these are ballpark figures. And they include only maintenance costs. For the costs of vehicle repairs Adelaide, you need to call the repair company.

If you consider the basic rule, then the cost of the routine maintenance and repair of a car is around an average of 0.09 dollars per mile. If you drive 10000 miles in a year, then you need to spend around 900-1000 dollars on maintenance. If the car travels 20000 miles in a year, then the maintenance cost becomes 1800 to 2000 dollars.

Thus, it is clear that the more a car runs every year, the more maintenance it needs.

Approximate cost of some routine maintenance items

Oil Change

After every 10000 miles, you should change the engine oil. The charges for a standard oil change are around 30-55 dollars. Synthetic oil may cost around 50-70 dollars.


You need to replace the battery after three to five years, depending on its consumption. The cost of the battery depends on its make and model. The average cost is between 60-200 dollars.

Brake pads

The more you use car brakes, the sooner you need to service or replace them. People who drive more in cities need to replace the pads sooner as compared to those who drive in rural areas or freeways. Brake pads cost between 50-150 dollars for all four wheels. The total cost (material and labor) is 115-250 dollars per axel.

These are major cost elements. For accurate costs, you need to contact car service engineers.

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