Difference Between Car Service and Repair

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Difference Between Car Service and Repair

Car Service and Repair

It is expensive to own a car nowadays. Not only the prices of the new-age cars are touching the roof, but the maintenance and car repairs Adelaide are also quite expensive.

Every car requires upkeep and maintenance, regardless of its type and brand. When you maintain it well by taking the car to a service station regularly, the performance increases. Such cars will serve without any trouble, year after year.

But do you know where do you take the car for servicing? Will it be a service center or a car repair? To decide it, you must be aware of their fundamental difference.

What is a car service?

Your car is a complex machine. It has several parts and sub-parts. All of them need to work in accordance and synchronization.

One important part of the car engine is its lubrication. It moves the parts with the least friction. It is possible to keep it minimal by taking the car to an expert, who will check the health and take measures to improve it.

Thus, a service station is a place where you take the car BEFORE the problem arrives.

It is kind of a health checkup done by a person that helps in identifying the ailments at the earlier stage.

When the vehicle is taken to the car service Adelaide, the minor problems of the car get identified early. The efficiency improves and the moving parts are protected from friction and overheating. These parts get the maximum benefit of car service:

  • Brakes and brake fluids
  • Power steering fluid
  • Coolant
  • Pressure in the wheels
  • Engine belt
  • Spark plug

It is not essential to replace these parts every time you service the car. The service engineers will decide about it after checking the condition.

What is a car repair?

A car repair is a remedial process. When you take it to the car repairs Adelaide, it is because something in the car is not functioning well.

When you see that there is some malfunctioning in any of the parts in the vehicle, you take it to the repair center and get corrected.

It means, it is like going to a doctor after some health ailment.

However, it is a fact that if you service the vehicle regularly, then seldom do you have to go to repair service. Most of the issues get identified and corrected at the service station before they become bigger problems.

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