What Types of Amplimesh Security Doors are Available in Adelaide?

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Amplimesh Security Doors Adelaide

Amplimesh Security Door and window screen is the first choice when people search for ways to keep their homes secure and safe. It is backed by one of the best and most experienced research and development companies in Australia, known as Carpel Aluminum. The company has multiple manufacturing sites placed across Australia. Due to its vast experience of more than 75 years, Amplimesh offers the complete range of entrance sliding doors, folding doors, and security doors in Adelaide. When you deep dive into the exclusive collection of security doors and windows, you get amazed by the variety of it. It is guaranteed that everyone finds something to fit the needs of an individual home. To know something more about the most desirable and superior security product in Australia, you can browse their website or give a buzz.

Types Of Amplimesh Security Doors

When it is about choosing the best security door, every person has a different choice. It depends on personal needs and convenience. Amplimesh security door is available in a wide variety. Here are some of them:


It offers the comfort of fresh air flowing in your house without obstructing outdoor views. Experts rate it as the most secure option in the range. The strength and durability of Suprascreen give it peace of mind with its high-class stainless steel (316 marine grade) woven in a fine mesh. The door is assembled with a patented technology that eliminates the need for rivets, pins, snap pins, or screws. This fitting style ensures no direct contact between the metallic surface. It prevents the possibility of reactive corrosion.


It is a strong yet affordable security screen door with an exclusive visual appeal. It is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and made from a single sheet of specially perforated and tempered marine-grade aluminum. They are secured into a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a new-age bonding process, which removes the need for unpleasant fixing. This door is highly resistant to forced entry that has been proved by rigorous testing in the lab.


It is a middleweight, affordable security door and window system for all. It is made from a genuine Amplimesh security grille. It is a visual deterrent and gives adequate protection against intrusion. Whether you choose sliding one or hinged, it is incredibly useful in all forms. The custom-made window screens are made to measure and powder-coated for extra safety. The cost-effective, good-quality windows and doors by Amplimesh are truly modern and elegant.

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