What size of Air Conditioning do you need for your home?

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Do you think that the purchase of an air conditioning should be an impulsive decision? Well, it should never be. Though you tempted to buy it desperately when the temperature rises beyond a limit, it is always better to spend some time in research and comparison.

Do not make the mistake of buying a big air-conditioner with the anticipation of getting more cooling. Size does not matter always. Many other parameters play an important role in determining the size of it.

In this blog, we will explain some points that will make your task easier.

First of all, Consider these Four Parameters

What are the four most important aspects while choosing an air-conditioner? Here are they.

  • Size of the room: What are the dimensions of your house? Floor space and total volume, both are important. A room with a high ceiling will require more effort to cool.
  • Level of insulation: Insulation means the capacity of holding the heat inside. The walls and ceilings should be well-insulated to keep the room cold or warm, depending on the season. The more insulated it is, the less energy will be needed to retain the temperature.
  • Average temperature: What is the average temperature in your town? Extreme temperatures require powerful air-conditioners, whereas moderate temperatures require moderate air-conditioning.
  • The orientation of the room: Is the room a shaded, south-facing one? If yes, then you need less air-conditioning. North of West- facing rooms will get a lot of sunlight during summers.

Once you get the idea of air-conditioning requirements, it becomes easy to check the available choices.

Use capacity calculator

Several calculators are there. You can one that is suitable for you. It should consider everything- the size of the room, location, shading, window covering, level of insulation, and so on.

The more parameters you will consider, the better it is.

Here are some ballpark figures. Take the example of a room with two windows and one door. Suppose the height of the room is 10 feet. In this case, for a room of 150 square-feet, you need an air-conditioner of 5000 BTU. A room of 900 square-feet will need an air-conditioner of 25000 BTU.

As mentioned earlier, these figures may change considerably when you take all parameters. Remember, both over-sized and undersized conditioners will spend more energy and provide costly air-conditioning.

Therefore, you have to be careful while calculating. Ask an expert if you find it difficult.

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