How Do I Get Rid of an Unwanted Palm Tree?

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How Do I Get Rid of an Unwanted Palm Tree?

3 Ways to Remove a Palm Tree

Palm trees are usually huge. And they have roots very deep in the ground. Therefore, Palm Tree Removal Adelaide is quite tough. You need a specialist removal company. But if the tree is small and you want to get rid of it due to any reason, then there are some ways.

In this blog, we will give you some effective and doable ways of removing a palm tree.

Chemical injection

It is an effective method. First, you need to do a drill in the trunk with a suitable bit. Now, you need to buy an herbicide of your choice. There are some household options also, e.g., household bleach or salt and water.

However, the use of standard herbicides is always recommended.

Once you drill many holes into the centre of the trunk with a downward-facing angle, you need to pour the solution. Let the tree absorb that. You need to repeat the process once the solution gets absorbed.

The tree will be killed eventually and desiccate. Now you have to remove the tree and its roots.


Palm Tree Removal Adelaide is possible by girdling also. It is the process of cutting off vital nutrient pathways. Thus, the tree gets a limited time to live. You need to remove a significant ring of bark between four to eight inches in width. The plant’s mortality hastens.

You need to use a hammer and chisel, a hatchet, or chainsaw. Make sure you remove one ring of bark, the complete circle. Otherwise, it will not work.

You can spray herbicide to accelerate the process. The tree will not get sufficient nutrients and it will eventually turn brown and die.

Cut the tree

If the tree is small and you do not want to go by the slow methods of removing it, then you can just cut the tree and remove the stump.

However, this method is suitable only if the tree is small and you have the required tools. Use a chainsaw or ax to bring down the tree. Once it happens, you should use herbicide to kill the stump and its roots. Loosen the soil using a shovel. Now, dig under to ease the roots off.

Remember, these methods sound easy, but they are not if you are not an expert. You have to be careful so that there is no injury or accident.

If you are not confident, then call an expert!

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