What is the Cheapest Fence to Install?

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What is the Cheapest Fence to Install?

Why do you install fencing Adelaide? Of course, one thing is to add security and privacy to your home. You do not want your home easily accessible to intruders. Also, you do not wish that others can easily peep into your privacy. So, your search for a suitable fencing option.

However, there is another benefit of installing a fence. It adds value to your home. A classic fence enhances the beauty and appearance of your home. It makes it stylish and elegant.

However, before you dial the number of one of the expert fencing contractors Adelaide, it is essential that you do some assessment of the cost of installing a fence.

Which type of fence is the cheapest to install?

Parameters that affect the cost of fencing

When you install a fence, its cost depends on various aspects. Some of them are:

  • Cost of material
  • Height of fence
  • Length of fence
  • Land terrain (is the land flat, uneven, or steep)
  • Foundation of the fence
  • Old fence removal cost
  • Installation of gate

When you assess the cost, it is essential to consider all these parameters.

PVC Picket fence

It is a classic residential fencing south Australia. When you place pickets or boards at a regular interval and build a fence, it is called a picket fence.

The cost is 100$ to 200 dollars per meter for a PVC picket fence.

Timber Picket fence

Some people prefer timber pickets. Typically, you have to spend 80$ to 150$ per meter for treated pine wood pickets. For hardwood paling fencing, you need to spend90$ to 150$ per meter.

Also, there is an additional cost of staining or painting also.

Colorbond fence

Colorbond fence costs 80$ to 100$ per meter. However, it needs an installation cost of 60$ to 80$ per meter additionally.

Brick or wall fence

This fence is famous for its incredible strength and stability. A standard brick fence will cost 500$ to 800$ per meter. A sandstone and timber fence may cost 800$ to 1000$ per meter. It is the costliest in various categories.

Wrought iron fence

A basic wrought iron fence starts at 115$ per meter. However, a reasonably good fence will cost 300$ per meter. A high-quality, decorative fence will cost 600% per meter. It is quite a high cost.


The cheapest fence is a PVC picket fence. You need to check the quality of PVC pickets before finalizing the product.

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