What are the Components of a Car Suspension?

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Six Components of a Car Suspension

Why is there a suspension system in a car? It is to give support to the vehicle when it moves. It is a system made from different components, and each one has a specific function.

It is the car suspension that makes it possible for the vehicle to turn when the steering wheel is rotated. Also, it absorbs the shocks when the car goes on the bumps or potholes.

As mentioned earlier, there are several components of car suspension. However, the blog talks about some prominent subsystems.

When any of these subsystems fails or malfunctions, it causes a problem to the security and comfort of the rider.

1. Frame

The frame is the biggest component of the suspension system. It is called the “structural skeleton” because it carries the load as well as weight of the car and its components.

Though it is a prominent part of the system, it is a complex system that has many other components as well.

2. Spring

It is a metal coil that forms the central part of the suspension system. It absorbs the bumps and makes the ride comfortable. In the majority of the cars, you can find springs, but in some cars, metal rods are also used.

3. Wheels

It is hard to believe, but wheels or tyres are also part of the suspension system. They are external components. When wheels touch the ground, they incur most of the impact. When you apply brakes, accelerate or corn, the wheels get a significant impact.

Hence, it is vital to keep them in order.

4. Shock Absorbers

They work alongside the springs and reduce the impact. They play an essential role by providing adequate support to the spring and reducing its motion.  Thus, the car doesn’t bounce like a ball when it moves on the potholes or bumps.

5. Rods

You can find several rods that link different components of the suspension system. These metal linkages make the system durable and rugged. They last long and sustain against the pressures of driving on bad roads.

6. Bushing or Bearings

Bushings are the links between big components of the suspension system. They also enable the twisting and sliding actions.

They don’t need any lubrication as such but wear and tear happen eventually. The joints become loose after some time. Therefore, periodic maintenance is recommended.

The health of the suspension system is important for smooth riding and road safety. Keep it fit and fine always.

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