Warehouse Shelving: What Are the Most Popular Types?

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Types of Warehouse Shelving

Storage is the key when you plan a warehouse. You can’t stack pallet on a pallet from floor to ceiling. It is not the right way of shelving as it will provide neither proper access nor the stacks will be stable.

It is the reason; you need a proper warehouse shelving method. What are the benefits you get?

  • You get things off the floor.
  • You get maximum space.
  • You can store, see, and locate objects easily.

Not everyone has similar needs when it comes to warehouse shelving.

Your warehouse may contain more than one type of pallet racking system. Hence, it is all the more essential to know the merits and demerits of each of them.

The blog explains some popular types.

5 Types of Warehouse Shelving

Drive-through shelving

It is a cost-effective warehouse shelving option.  It allows you to place pallets on rails. High-density storage is a prime characteristic of it.

Drive-through is a FIFO type of shelving. It allows forklifts to drive in. One can use post-protectors to reduce the chances of damage caused by forklift.

Flow-through shelving

It operated under FIFO rotation, which allows the first items to put onto the shelves come off first. The system operates with natural gravity and stake wheels.

The items are loaded in one end, and it slides down gently to the other end. When one item gets unloaded, the item behind it slides into place.

Pushback shelving

Pushback shelving is the LIFO method. It is the opposite of flow-through shelving.

The shelving method is designed customized for the specific pallets you will be stored on it. When a new pallet is loaded, the previous one is pushed back.

When the front pallet is removed, the pallet which is behind slides forward.

Cantilever shelving

When you compare different types of shelving, then cantilever racks are distinctly different from others. They have unique properties and characteristics.

It is a front-loading type shelving method. Experts recommend it in an industrial environment because of its sturdiness and perfect separating of smaller loads or loose items.

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-tier racking is ideal if you want to take full advantage of vertical space you have in the warehouse. Due to its multiple tiers or floors, it is possible to access the stock up to the maximum limit of vertical storage. Stairs are used for easy access in most of the installations. However, scissor lifts are also quite common. This shelving method is effective when you have large quantities of items and small individual unit size.

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