Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide – Tips to Keep Your Furniture Cleaner

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Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide - Tips to Keep Your Furniture Cleaner

Don’t you think that there is a magnetic pull between the dirt and the upholstery? The moment you clean the sofa with a lot of efforts, and make it spotlessly clean, it gets spoiled at the next moment. Well, it is part of life. Instead of getting frustrated about it, we should take it sportingly. Experts say that by using a few simple yet effective methods, one can keep the upholstery cleaning Adelaide like new forever. If you want to know about some easy and useful tips, then read the blog up to the last line.

Keep The Bottle Of Hairspray Handy

Yes, you read it correctly. We are talking about the everyday hairspray. It works like magic on stains caused by markers or pen. Simply spray the liquid and wipe the stain out with a soft cloth. Vacuum it to get the moisture out. Use it once, and you will use it forever. Don’t get skeptical about the brand. All hairsprays work equally well.

Use Slipcovers & Armrest Covers

Well, you have to spend a few bucks for it, but it is certainly a wise thing to do. It is impossible to avoid stains on the upholstery if there are small kids or pets in the home. It is equally challenging to keep it if you have a lot of guests at home. Buying a set of slipcovers would be a smart solution. You can get a variety of them to fit chairs & sofas of all sizes. Don’t worry; they are stylish and fashionable. And the good news is that you needn’t spend a fortune.

Clean The Sofa Regularly

Use some good-quality upholstery cleaning solution and clean the sofa and other furniture at least twice a month. Frequent cleaning keeps you on top of stains. It will not let the stains become stubborn and permanent. Also, you don’t have to put extensive efforts into keeping it fresh. There is no need for spending on expensive upholstery cleaning solutions. You can make at home by mixing liquid detergent, ammonia, vinegar, and lukewarm water. Use a hand blender to create good froth. Rub the froth on the cloth with a sponge. Wipe it with a damp cloth. Use vacuum to give the final touch. According to furniture cleaning experts, one can extend the lifespan of an upholstery material by using a mild cleaning solution. These simple tips will keep your furniture effortlessly clean.

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