Top Five Suggestions to Help Reduce the Air Conditioning Bill

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Tips to Reduce Air Conditioning Bill

Australia is a country where temperatures during the summers reach up to 35 degrees Celsius, and you feel the need for cool air-conditioned home.

Well, as they say, ‘no lunch is free’, you are supposed to pay for the comfort you get. Air conditioning is costly.

Is there any way you can save a few bucks on the air-conditioning bill? Yes, there are ways of doing it.

Top Few Tips to Reduce your Air Conditioning Bill

#1 Keep it on in the day and switch off at night

Well, this tip is for those homes that get cooled in the night. If you live in a place where there is a lot of greenery around, then you can switch off the air-conditioner during the night.

Keep the windows open to get a cool breeze.

It will significantly reduce the air-conditioning bill.

#2 Make wise use of the thermostat

All air-conditioners are being provided with thermostat and timer. To use the system energy-efficiently, you can set it at a comfortable temperature. Thus, the air-conditioner doesn’t work too hard.

A ballpark figure is the temperature should not be less than 8 degrees below the outdoor temperature.

It would be better if your air-conditioner has an in-built timer along with a thermostat. It means you can not only decide the internal temperature but also set the hours of operation for maximum efficiency.

If the system does it automatically, you are relieved from the burden of remembering it. Just make the setting and forget it.

#3 Shade reduces the need for air-conditioning

You should not miss a single opportunity to grab shade to keep the home cool. If it happens, then the air-conditioner in your home need not work hard.

The best way is to plant trees around. Also, install curtains, drapes, blinds, and awnings closed. It keeps the internal temperature maintained. You need not run the air-conditioner. Thus, it saves money.

Install light-colored backings for blinds where the windows are sun-facing. It deflects the heat.

#4 Turn off everything that emits heat

On one side, you bring down the temperature by running the AC system the whole day. On the other side, you run appliances that emit heat.

Thus, you unnecessarily tax the air-conditioning unit. Keep the household essentials off when they are not in use.

Not only you reduce the internal heat but save money on air-conditioning as well.

These simple tips will bring down the air-conditioning cost up to a great extent. The suggestions are easy to implement and practical.

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