When should you see a doctor about fatigue and tiredness?

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fatigue and tiredness

Fatigue and Tiredness are Common Reasons People See Their Doctor

Tiredness and fatigue are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. These are two different sensations or feelings.

The presence of fatigue or weakness indicates the presence of some problems in the body. Experts say that one should not ignore them.

If one feels any of these conditions for more than a week, then it is high time to meet a physician. By checking the symptoms and narrowing down the possible causes, he can isolate and treat the underlying problem.

What is the key difference between these two?


Tiredness is a condition when one feels a lack of muscular and physical strength. One feels that extra efforts are required to move the arms, legs, or other muscles.

Sometimes, the person can make the muscles work, but it hurts.

In some cases, generalized muscle weakness might be because of a health problem like:

  • A problem with electrolytes (minerals) that are found naturally in the body. The examples of electrolytes are potassium and sodium.
  • Respiratory infection or urinary tract infection.
  • Problems with thyroid gland. The low or high levels of thyroid hormone cause weakness.
  • Some nerve syndromes also cause weakness in the arms, legs, and other muscles.

According to experts, sudden muscle weakness and loss of function in one particular area of the body indicates that there is some significant problem with the brain or spinal cord.

In this case, it is essential to meet the doctor immediately and resolve the fundamental cause.

Gradual muscle weakness has to be monitored and reported to the doctor. In the majority of cases, it is possible to arrest the problem when it is minor.


Fatigue is a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. One feels a need to rest because of a lack of energy or strength.

If it is because of overwork or poor sleep, then the problem goes away by taking adequate rest.

When fatigue is because of illness or medical treatment, then also, fatigue goes away when the underlying cause is resolved.

However, fatigue that persists for a few weeks without any apparent reason has to be reported to the doctor and get resolved. It is essential to evaluate the symptoms and get treatment for the same.

Also, one should not delay the visit to a physician when fatigue occurs with more severe symptoms such as breathing problems, signs of illness, and unexpected weight loss.

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