Top 10 Privacy Fence Ideas For Your Adelaide Home

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Do you think that fencing Adelaide is not something you feel excited about? Well, read the blog to get ten privacy fence ideas, which will prove you wrong.

Pallet fence

It is a classic design. The beauty of the pallet fence is that it blends with the natural surroundings. For urban spaces, it is more suitable. You get excellent privacy without compromising with sunlight.

Picket fence

Picket fence, especially white, is one of the most favorite ones. Don’t think it is an old-fashioned design. People do various experiments with it to make it unique. The use of reclaimed wood is quite common.

Wire fence

Wire fence is cheap and offers maximum safety. It is one of the prettiest choices. People decorate the wire fence using innovative ideas so that nobody even notices the fence. If you search the fencing contractors Adelaide on the internet, then there are hundreds of fancy ideas to make a wire fence exciting.

Split-rail fence

You can have several combinations of it, but the 4-rail horse fence is quite common. People who are more conscious about safety (or who live in areas that are notorious for theft and trespassing) cover the gaps using mesh.

Solid wall fence

Well, when the safety concerns are great, you need nothing less than a solid wall fence. To make it more stylish and sophisticated, cover it with tiles.

Wrought iron fence

The wrought iron fence is practical, durable, and timeless. Yes, once installed, you can forget about it for years. Do not think it is monotonous and boring. Nowadays, you can have several variants of it.

Bamboo fence

If you think the classic wooden fence is quite common, then try a bamboo fence. It can withstand all climates and give trouble-free service to you. However, the bamboo fence is costlier than a classic wooden fence.

Brick fence

The brick wall is not as old-fashioned as many people think. You can add elements of excitement to it so that the brick fence becomes a style-statement for your house.

Natural fence

If safety is not a concern, and you want to reconnect with nature, then make a fence with trees and shrubs. It not only adds elegance to your house but also allows becoming creative with landscaping.

Garden Fence

You need a garden fence to secure the plants in the garden. It is important to use a fence that blends well with the surroundings. The choice of a fence that suits the exterior of your house will beautify it further.

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