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Anyone who lives in Adelaide is familiar with the chilling winters. As they approach closer, you need to prepare several things in and around the home. Amongst all, taking care of your fencing Adelaide is important, especially when it is a wooden fence. Various types of fences are popular nowadays, and many of them are weather-proof, e.g., vinyl fence. However, those who are concerned about looks always prefer the classic wooden fence.

Undoubtedly, the maintenance needs of a wooden fence are high, but it has its own elegance. If you read the bog further, then you will get insights into keeping the wooden fence in good shape in extreme winters.

Beware of moisture build-up

Moisture is the number one enemy of a wooden fence. During the long and wet winters in Adelaide, your wooden fence will not get enough time to dry out. Hence, the moisture affects the fence adversely. You can see the attack of mold, mildew, and rot. They create a disastrous impact on a wooden fence and affect their life drastically.

To prevent it, you must stain the wooden fence before winters. Use an oil-based stain of good quality. Do not let the debris and dried leaves accumulate near the base of the fence. Clip the bushes and trees that hang over the fence closely. Thus, you will have adequate space to shovel out the snow from the fence during extreme winters.

Use a good-quality wooden fence

Good-quality wood sustains winters much better than poor-quality wood. It doesn’t expand or contract extensively in extreme weather conditions. When coated with a good-quality weatherproof material, the fence remains unaffected by the temperature variation.

Take care that there are no falling limbs

Usually, tree limbs get overloaded with snow, and they snap or break. Eventually, the limbs fall either on the ground or the fence. Falling limbs may cause serious damage to the fence. Hence, you should give a buzz to a tree trimmer before winters strike Adelaide. The fencing contractors in Adelaide will arrive with the team and bring all the trees in proportion.

The team arrives at the site with the necessary tools and equipment to do trimming. No more unexpected falls on an extremely cold winter day. Several service providers are there in Adelaide who can render the necessary services at an affordable price. You need to compare the services of each one and then hire the best one.

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