10 Tips For Choosing & Hanging A Security Door

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10 Tips For Choosing and Hanging a Security Door

What is the biggest worry when you construct a home? It is to ensure the safety of your family. With the increasing burglary rates in the country, it has become mandatory for everyone to find ways to reinforce the security and safety measures. When somebody tries to intrude or attempt to break-in, the first line of defense is always the front door. Hence, there has to be a reliable, sturdy, and highly secure front security doors in Adelaide.

Read the blog to know about the top ten tips for correct installation.

  1. The size of the door matters a lot. Choose the right size always. You can find several dimensions in the market. Choose one that is in proportion to the size of the main door.
  2. Where are you going to install the security door? Is it inside or outside? The interior doors Adelaide are different from the exterior doors. Usually, the external doors are thicker and heavier. Exterior doors are bonded with exterior grade adhesive that can resist temperature variations and moisture better than the interior grade adhesive.
  3. What level of security are you looking for? The selection of locks depends on it directly.
  4. Do you need a fire-resistant door? Well, it might be mandatory if there is a fire regulation in place. Fire-resistant doors are costly. Their price depends on the capability of maintaining integrity in case of the fire.
  5. Are you going to install a French door? Since there is one door is ‘active door’ in this case, you have to position the lock and key properly. The side of the lock and type of door arrangement decide the operational easiness.
  6. Does the door have a slot on one side only for the lock? You must pay attention to it prior to installation. Get the slot made on both sides.
  7. If you are installing the security door in the existing frame, then be careful about the measurement. Inaccuracy, when marking the new door, will result in a misfit security door.
  8. It is essential to fix the door to the frame by using one screw at a time. Thus, you will maintain the balance and make the adjustments easily.
  9. You have to measure the lock depth accurately while drilling the mortise. It is better to rap a piece of tape for marking the distance.
  10. The top and bottom edges of the doors must be sealed with varnish or paint. It will not let the moisture penetrate through the edges and prevent expansion and rotting.

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