Emergency Roof Leak Repairs Melbourne – How to Stop the Drip!

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Emergency Roof Leak Repairs Melbourne - How to Stop the Drip!

A roof leak is big trouble. It makes you irritated and frustrated. Once water passes the roof, it flows slowly along with the roof rafts or sometimes, topside of the ceiling. Ultimately, it finds a place to drip down through the tiny holes. Most of the time, it drips on the favorite piece of furniture. Once it starts leaking, you are in a soup. The whole day, you try to figure out the exact spot. It is incredibly difficult sometimes to find it out. If you are fortunate enough to locate the spot, then it is essential to plug the hole and stop the leakage as soon as possible. The best way is to wait until the rain stops and the weather becomes dry. Now you should find the watermarks and stains. Search for discoloration on the wood, which happens due to moisture. It is comparatively easier to find the holes if it is a wood-shingle roof.

Water Testing

Sometimes, it is impossible to find out the cause of leak by visual inspection. In such a case, you have to wait till the weather is dry. You need one more person to do that. Flood the roof repairs Melbourne with the garden hose. Start at the bottom and go upwards. Fill the water till you see the leakage in the attic. Once the spot is identified, mark it using a nail or anything of that sort. Now the next thing is to start repairing by following step-by-step directions based on the type of the roof.

Emergency Roof Leak

Step 1

You need a heavy polyethylene sheet to cover the leaking section. Cover from eaves to peak. Wrap one end and staple the plastic along the width. Make it double-folded and nail the boarders with three or four common nails.

Step 2

The sandwiched end has to be placed along the eaves. Stretch the sheet from eaves to ridge, Run it over the top of the ridge. Make sure it hangs on the other side two or three feet.

Step 3

The top end of the sheet also has to be sandwiched with another end. It ensures that the sheet remains tightly attached.

Quick-fix Leaking Solution

It is possible to do it on a shingled roof. Push the sheet material underneath the shingle. The sheet must cover the hole completely. You may need a few nails to fix it. It pushes the flashing all the way up the course of shingles.

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