How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

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Termite Treatment Cost

Termite Treatment Cost

Termites are silent destroyers. You cannot see them in action.

If you control the outbreak of termites early, then you need not spend on termite treatment. You should limit the amount of timber and wood in the house. It is a feast for termites.

Limit any damp or moist areas. Termites love damp wooden areas.

Experts say that termite control is expensive once the infestation is established. Therefore, it is important to call an expert and get the house inspected.

Termite specialists recommend that regular inspection is required if you live in a termite prone area. Even before constructing a new house, one should have a pre-construction barrier built on the property. It reduces the risk of infestation in the future.

The cost of the termite inspection is between 200$ and 600$. It depends on the size of your home. You should get an estimate from the treatment service provider.

If you see the signs of their existence, i.e., swarming termites, mud tubes, or discarded wings, then it is time to take an action. There are several companies that offer termite treatment Adelaide.

Before calling a specialist, you need to find out how much does it cost?

Well, it depends on different aspects. Some of them are:

  • Type of termites
  • Location and severity of the damage
  • Size of the colony
  • Type of termite treatment

Most termite control Adelaide specialists take into consideration the size of the structure to be treated.

Termite control cost in Adelaide

As mentioned above, the cost of termite treatment varies. It is because the costing depends on the extent of the termite problem and control method.

As far as the rough estimate is concerned, the preliminary treatment cost is around 250$ to 750$. It includes spraying, dusting, or foaming the area with a termite killer.

The baiting method is the costliest one. Still, people prefer it because of its high effectiveness. The cost is around 2000 to 3000 dollars. It is long-lasting and works better than all other treatment methods. If required, then you need to repeat it by spending around 1000$.

Some companies offer natural pest control treatments. However, they are more effective when the manifestation is not severe. The cost of natural treatment depends on the method used.

You can opt for soil treatment to control termites. Ask the termites Adelaide control service provider whether it offers this or not. This treatment does not have to be repeated frequently.

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