What type of roof lasts longest?

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What type of roof lasts longest

Since you spend a lot of money on buying your dream home, or any investment property, you want it should remain intact for many years.

Since upkeep and maintenance of the home are also very costly, you will need that the home is safe from the elements.

And since the roof is part of your home that is maximum exposed to elements, the damage that happens to the roof is the most. It is battered by wind and impacted by the sun and drenched by the rain.

If there is a company that offers roof repairs in Adelaide, then you will have to give a detailed requirement plan.

However, experts say that before choosing a particular type of roof, you need to make a detailed comparison of the roof. That’s why it’s so important to get a qualified professional to install a roof.

Let’s check various roof types and their expected life

Tile roof

The tile roof is heavy, and it lasts quite a long. The expected life of a tiled roof is around 50 years. However, it is important to maintain it well. Why do these roofs need maintenance, repair, and roof replacement in Adelaide?

It is because tiles crack often. With time, they get brittle. Therefore, they get harmed due to accidents or storms. The cement mortar that holds tiles together deteriorates with time. The mortar breaks away and cracks.

The colors of the tiles also get faded and they lose their charm.

Tin roof

Metal roofs are popular throughout Australia and therefore, it is essential to check their longevity as well. Experts say that most tin roofs are typically warranted for about 40 years. It means we can assume that tin roofs may last around 40 to 50 years.

There have been cases where the roofs have lasted more than 70 years, though.

Companies that offer roof repair and roof plumbing in Adelaide confirm that a properly maintained tin roof can last five decades easily.

Steel roofs

Like tin roofs, steel roofs can also last more than five decades or more. Compared to tin roofs or tiled roofs, these roofs are sturdier, and they need comparatively less repair and maintenance.

However, there could be issues like rusting or corroding of metal after a few decades.

Asphalt roofs

GAF asphalt roof shingles are guaranteed for up to 50 years. GAF roof shingles have been installed on many homes in Australia.

Since all common roofing materials offer a similar lifespan, ultimately, it’ll come down to what is your choice.

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