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Termites are common in Adelaide. They cause a lot of nuisance if not controlled timely. As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’; you must get the home inspected for the presence of termites. Experts say that the problem can be controlled effectively if the manifestation is identified initially.

Otherwise, these nasty pests will cause havoc. The situation becomes worst because the damage caused by termites is not covered by typical home insurance. Hence, the whole loss has to be borne by the homeowner.

Hence, the wise thing is to call a termite inspection expert who has extensive experience in the science of detection and control of termite manifestation. They can control this destructive pest at an earlier level and save extensive structural damage to the property.

The most important thing is you cannot find out the presence of termites. They remain hidden underneath and everything looks perfectly healthy and fine from outside. Only a reliable termite inspection expert can handle the routine inspection and pest control Adelaide .

When should you call a termite inspection company in Adelaide?

As soon as you see the slightest of indication, you should give a ring to some termite expert. Do not think that these many termites will not cause any harm to your house. In the majority of the cases, the minor manifestation gets converted into a big one.

Here are some signs:

  • You see powder of timber near the furniture, wardrobe or doors and windows.
  • You hear a horrifying clicking sound
  • You see termites flying around in the evening hours
  • You see fallen wings in the morning
  • Timber sounds like hollow when tapped
  • Paint peels off the walls or furniture

Any of these signs should not be ignored in any case. Call an expert immediately for an inspection of the entire house.

What will the inspection team do? It will check the presence of the termite first. Once it is detected, the team will check every nook and corner of the house- interior, exterior, roof, attic, floor, garden, and fence. A thorough inspection will be done to check the level of damage.

Specialized tools are used by them if required.

Once the inspection is over, a detailed report is submitted by the inspection company. You know the high-risk areas and low-risk areas. It is comprehensive information on termite activity.

Once you know the severity of the issue, the next step is to take action to eradicate termites in the least time.

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