How to Identify if a Spider is Dangerous or Safe?

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If you compare different geographic regions for biodiversity, then Australia is perhaps one of the best. There are various species and some of them are unique and exclusive.

As far as the categories of insects is concerned, you can find practically thousands of species, and sub-species.

Spiders are special insects that play a big role in maintaining the balance of the food chain. Out of different species of spiders found in Australia, only a few are really dangerous.

Understand the species first

You do not want to have these scary, hairy, and icky creatures around your house. Therefore, you get goosebumps by the thought of looking at a spider.

However, to decide whether the spider spotted in the backyard is harmful or not, you have to do it.

Experts say that the redback and the funnel-web are the only two species that are really dangerous.

A bite from any other spider would hurt but will not cause any threat to life. Still there is a sigh of relief. There is an antidote available for its bite.

These spiders are found in the forests but, rarely they are found in the backyard. You can identify them by their black/bluish-black color and the size of 1.3 to 1.5 cm. Their characteristic features are large and powerful fangs and a shiny head.

Funnel-web spiders are aggressive. Hence, be careful while watching them.

The redback spiders

They are more commonly found but lesser dangerous than the funnel-web.

You can find them throughout Australia. The bite of redback spider causes irritable pain, but it will not life-threatening.

This one-centimeter long spider has large and sprawling legs. The male is about three to four centimeters with a brown hue. Males have a white marking on the upper abdomen. The female has red stripes on her abdomen.

The risk is low

Now you know that only two species of spiders in Australia are dangerous, and now you can identify them easily. If you find that the spider of some other species, then there is no reason to worry.

The bite of any other spider might be irritating, but it will not kill you. The only thing you need to be watchful about is a severe reaction. Only in that situation, you need to see a doctor.

When there is too much nuisance of spiders in the house, the best way is to calla professional pest control expert to get rid of them.

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