Solar Panel Maintenance Tips for Landlords and Tenants

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Solar Panel Maintenance Tips for Landlords and Tenants

Due to the increasing interest in people using renewable energy, solar power systems are being installed in homes across the country. The panels generate power, help in reducing the domestic power bill, and even bring a chance to earn money. But the question is, should you install solar panels only if you are a landlord?

Will you get landlord solar rebate only if you own the property? What if you are a tenant and not a landlord? Well, you get financial benefits in both cases.

When you install solar panels, they generate power for many years. But you need to maintain the panels well so that the power generation does not drop.

Not sure about keeping your solar power system working in its best condition? Here are some maintenance tips for it.

Why is it important to maintain the solar panels?

Just like you inspect gutters before storm season or you check the battery of your smoke alarms, it is important to take a look at your property’s solar panels.

It is a quick task, but it can really make a difference. It’s recommended that you check and clean the panels at least twice or thrice a year. You can mark it on your calendar.

If you are a property owner and you have installed solar panels for rental property, then you can assign the task to a maintenance company. There are many service providers that offer solar panel maintenance to clients.

Clean dust and debris

Over time, dust and debris gather over time. It blocks potential sunlight and makes the panels less efficient. Water and moisture seepage can also cause deterioration if you ignore it. There could be damage due to hail or excessive sunlight also.

With regular maintenance, you can ensure the longevity of the panels. It will maximize future power bill savings and it will avoid potential solar panel fires. When you install solar panels for tenant, you can assign the task of maintenance to a service company.

Thus, your tenant will not have an additional burden of performing cleaning and maintenance of solar panels.

For a landlord who installs solar panels on a roof where he does not live personally, it is better to hire a maintenance company. It is because the property owner does not live on the premises. Since the owner is not present physically, he cannot perform maintenance. And tenants feel it is an unnecessary responsibility.

So, the good idea is to outsource the task.

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