Do tenants benefit from solar panels?

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Do tenants benefit from solar panels?

Why landlords should install solar for their tenants?

Experts say that more than three million households across Australia are installing rooftop solar panels and enjoying their benefits. Indeed, the landlords grab the maximum benefits, and renters can be missing out.

Whether you’re a landlord or a long-term renter, or you have just moved out of your home, solar panels can reduce your energy bills. Not only that, but you can help our environment do better. It is because solar energy is GREEN energy.

Experts say that installing solar panels on rental properties has also become a popular choice in the past few decades. You can see many installations of solar on rental property.

A property with solar panels can create a huge difference because the tenants are now considering all of their outgoing costs.

In Australia, the rental scenario has changed in the past few years. People are happily spending in rental properties.

Nowadays, rentals are going into longer leases and contracts. So, tenants are considering various factors like cost and benefit. But even after that, they are considering solar panels.

Are you a tenant and thinking about solar panel installation on your rental property? Well, these things must be considered by you in that case.

Can you get solar panels as a renter?

As a tenant in Australia, you can very well get solar panels installed on the roof, but the system needs to be approved by the landlord.

The first step for tenants is to contact the property manager. And it should be in writing about why the landlord should consider the solar panel installation. For a house, apartment, or duplex, you need to submit the offer in writing to start the process.

It is essential that tenants do their research to help convince the landlord. They need to underline the fact that solar panels for tenants are going to be a good long-term investment.

When the tenants do the homework well, they can explain the benefits in detail. The landlord will get impressed and give approval for the same. When landlords know that the reduction in their power bill could be as high as 50 percent, they will approve it. You must mention installing solar panels cost and benefits achieved in the long run.

“So it goes from a tenant issue where they want to save costs, to actually giving examples to the property manager and landlord on how the panels will improve the investment for not only the current tenant but future tenants.”

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