Signs of Rats Infestation

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Signs of Rats Infestation

All pests are destructive, and when they are rats, they are super destructive. They are nocturnal animals and their movement happens only at night. So, you cannot even sense their presence unless there are visible signs in the house.

If you get to know about their presence, then call the best pest control Adelaide service immediately to keep the loss minimum.

Here are four ways to tell whether there are any mice or rats in your home.

You See Rodent Droppings

It is a prominent sign. If the droppings are moist and dark, then it means they are fresh. With age, droppings become old and grey, and they dry out. They get crumbled when moved. You can see dropping everywhere, near food or food packages, in cupboards and drawers, in hidden areas, sinks, or along walls.

The maximum number of droppings is found when the rodents are feeding or nesting. New-found droppings are found where the rats are active.

Gnaw Marks

You might find gnawed holes in food packets or on the walls. There is one important aspect of gnaw marks is they are light in colour when fresh. The marks become darker with age. So, if you see lighter-coloured marks on new objects daily, then it means there is a continuing infestation.

A Foul Odor

It is not the familiar and unforgettable odour of a rotten mouse. This is the scent of rodents’ urine. If you have pet cats or dogs, then they become very active and excited by the smell. In case of a large infestation, one can detect the ongoing stale ammonia smell. When the infestation is more, you must call a pest control Adelaide rats specialist to control the menace.

Tracks and Runways

If rodents are active in and around the house, then you can see their tracks and runways. They are distinctive initially and become faint as time passes. You can use a blacklight held at an angle toward the suspected area of the house to find out the tracks. Even a flashlight can also be used for that. Footprints are also very much visible sometimes. You can spread flour or baby powder to see the trails.

If there is a termite infestation, then you can see a powdery substance near the furniture or partition wall. First, you must get the termite treatment Adelaide done. And if there are footprints of rats also visible in the powder, then it is a double threat.

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