Common Solutions for Washer Filling When Not in Use

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Common Solutions for Washer Filling When Not in Use

Are you facing a peculiar problem of the washer won’t stop filling up with water even if it is not in use? Well, you are not alone, almost every washing machine user faces this problem. It will prevent you from using the machine. Not only that but your laundry room may get flooded very soon.

You do not have any other choice than to call the best washing machine repairs and ing it corrected. There are experts trained and experienced to deal with such problems. They will not just fix appliances but fix the frustration you feel when the thing doesn’t work.

Here’s what to do when your washer won’t stop running. Some common solutions are these.

Empty the tub

You should run a spin cycle to empty the tub. Now clean the surroundings if water is clogged in the washing area. Take a Turkish towel to wipe the excess water.

Check the water inlet valve

Water goes in the machine through the water inlet valve when you run the wash and rinse cycles. There is a possibility that the valve is damaged or stuck open if the washing machine doesn’t stop filling. You can test it by turning the washer and letting it start filling up. When it is filling, disconnect the power to the washer.

As it’s still filling, disconnect the power to your washer. If the water is still filling, then it indicates that the valve is damaged. You will have to replace it.

If you see that the washer stops filling with you unplugged it, then the electrical circuit that controls the valve has gone bad.

Those who do not have any technical knowledge must call washing machine repairs Adelaide.

Check with a multimeter

If you are a little bit technical person, then you must be having a multimeter. It is the tool to measure the electrical current. Unplug the machine first, it is very important.

Remove the rear panel to locate the water inlet valve. Check if it is damaged. If it is damaged, then you need to replace it. Check the multimeter readings by probing the terminals of the valve.

If the readings do not match the recommended level, then you need a new valve.

If you cannot replace it, then give a call to washer repairs Adelaide.

There can be other problems also. The water switch might have got fused. Or there could be issues with the control board. You have to call a repair specialist for that.

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