Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit?

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Three things to you repair or replace your AC unit

When there are issues with the air-conditioner, you get puzzled. Sometimes, you think that it is better to get it repaired. Sometimes, you feel that it is time to call an air conditioning Adelaide supplier and get it replaced. It is a situation when it is difficult to decide.

Are there any set parameters that can help you in arriving at the best decision? Well, certainly there are. If you read this blog, then you will come to know.

Age of your Air-conditioner

When deciding whether to replace or call air conditioning repairs Adelaide, you should consider the age of the air-conditioning system. How old is it? Is it two years old or five, or ten years?

Any unit that is more than ten years old should be replaced for sure. It is because a major technical upgrade happens in this duration and more efficient, sleeker, and newer models are available.

They work with high efficiency and give you better service.

Some experts suggest following the “5000 rule”. It says that if the age of the air conditioner multiplied by the cost to repair is more than 5000, then you should replace the system.

Frequency of repairs

If you have to call the repair person again, then it is a sign that your air conditioning installation Adelaide has become outdated. A constant breakdown shows that the unit needs a replacement. There could be issues with the major components, such as the compressor or condenser. They are costly components, and you will have to spend heavily on the repairs. The better approach is to replace the unit.

An air conditioner can serve you for many years if there is preventive maintenance done regularly.

The efficiency of the unit

Efficiency means heating and cooling performance. If the system does not work with full efficiency, then you will not get sufficient heating or cooling. It will cause the energy bill to go higher. You will not get satisfaction. Experts suggest that one should replace the system if it doesn’t work even after repair.

Sometimes, it is a wise decision to replace the unit if it is not working efficiently and is more than five years old. It is because technology changes in five to ten years. You will find several highly efficient systems in the market.

Instead of spending on repairs, replace the system.

These are a few parameters that you should consider about the replacement or repair of an air conditioner.

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