Roof Repair – How to Repair Flat Roofs

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Roof Repair

When the roof leaks, you must call an expert to repair it. There is no point in cutting corners.

However, sometimes, the problem is small that you can repair.

Here is a step-by-step guide to fix a small problem.

Step 1

You must begin with looking for the source of the leak from inside the house. You need to be vigilant while doing that because water has a peculiar property.

It leaks through a different place and gets pooled in a different spot. Hence, the leak may not be necessary at the same place where the water is accumulated.

Once you find out the leaky spot, now it is the time to get on the roof.

Step 2

Now you know the location from the interior. Check the spot on the roof now. Is there any visible damage? If no, then check the vents, flashing or roof membrane.

Don’t forget about your safety while doing that. Don’t take any risk if the roof is very high or you don’t have safety measures.

Step 3

You should clean the area where the leaky spot is suspected. Remove all debris or foreign objects. You must determine that the leak is due to some external reason like the hailstorm or it is age-related wear.

Step 4

Remove all water from the area and make it dry. If there is moisture trapped under repair, then it may cause the growth of mold. For significant leakage, you need to call professional repair service.

Step 5

Check the damage. Are there any blisters? If yes, then the water has seeped through the layers in the roof. Check the cracks. The repair method you follow depends on the type of damage you have.

Step 6

Cut through the damaged membrane. Remove the moisture if any. Cut all damaged layers without damaging the roofing felt. Dry the whole area well.

Step 7

Apply roofing cement to the leak after peeling back the layers of the membrane.

Apply it to the whole section underneath the membranes you cut away.

Thus, all layers will stick together. Press the membrane flaps to the cement and reseal the cut.

Step 8

Once the flaps are laid down, nail them to the roof well. Thus, the leak will get adequately sealed. Cover the nails with the roofing cement to seal it well. These steps explain the process of repairing a flat roof.

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