Naturopathy – Getting Better With Nature Cure!

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Naturopathy is a natural care system that believes in the existence of vital curative forces that exist in the body.

This therapy believes that behind every disease, there is an imbalance in these forces. When the fundamental cause of the imbalance is found and treated, it is easy to cure the ailment.

Natural methods are used for treating diseases. Since the whole body is considered one single unit, the treatment method is holistic and not discrete.

Instead of treating symptoms like modern medicine, naturopathy looks into the fundamental reason for the problem.

There could be similar symptoms of two or more diseases, but their inherent cause may be altogether different.

Therefore, a naturopath digs down into the actual reason and then plan the treatment.

The concept

Naturopathy can be defined as a system that emphasizes the harmony between the human body and nature.

We are part of the universe, and there is a direct connection between the two. When the harmony is well-established between the two, there is no existence of the disease.

When this harmony gets disturbed, we get affected by different ailments.

It is the reason; naturopathy uses the five elements in the treatment.

With the use of sunlight, water, clay, and herbs, naturopathy establishes a bridge between us and the universe.

The benefits of naturopathy are not limited to curing the ailment only, but it promotes health, prevents diseases, and has preventive as well as therapeutic potential.

Principles of naturopathy

  • Every ailment, big or small, is caused when the morbid matter accumulates in the body. Except for traumatic events or diseases caused due to environmental conditions, it is possible to treat the problem by removing the unwanted matter.
  • When the morbid matter accumulates in the body, it creates favorable conditions for bacteria or viruses to enter and multiply.
  • An acute disease is the self-healing effort of our body. Chronic disease is the outcome of incorrect treatment and suppression of problems.
  • The best healer is nature. Our body has the capacity to repair the damage caused by a disease and return to a healthy condition.
  • Every patient is different. Hence, the focus of the treatment is on treating an individual. For the same problem, there are various ways of treatments in naturopathy.

Naturopathy looks into the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even social aspects of a problem. Hence, it is a ‘complete’ method of treatment.

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