Step-By-Step Instructions Of Security Doors Adelaide

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Security Doors Adelaide

The installation of security doors in Adelaide is tricky but not rocket science. By following the instructions rightly and executing them systematically, you can do it without any hassles. Before you jump to the work, it is essential to know about the designation of parts, type of installation, and technical details. Is it a single-door installation or double-door? Is the door with mullion or without mullion? Your installation steps will vary based on these details.

Mark The Centerline

You have to mark a centerline of the device by drawing a line across the doors Adelaide. You should stop 40 inches above the finished floor. Once you are ready, now make the door prepared as per the specification.

Drill Holes

Use a mullion or jamb to drill holes as per dimensions on the door.

Install Strike

You should place a strike on the drilled holes and attach it to the mullion or jamb. Use the screws supplied with the door. For double doors, you should use the additional double-door strike instead of the regular one. If the cylinder is included with the device, then you need to drill a hole for the cylinder or bracket. Insert the cylinder and cylinder roller and place the bracket plate. Fix the cylinder mounting screws in place. Cut the mounting screws and tailpiece to the required thickness and fasten them.

Install Rim & Device Body

You need to mark and drill holes for outside rim. Remove the cover from the latch assembly. Remove the end cap from the bracket. Place the device on the drilled holes horizontally. Attach it using the mounting screws. Bolt the device chassis to trim. it is important to insert the tailpiece into the device cam concentrically. Install the end cap bracket on the device and screw it on the door. Fasten all screws or bolt.

Install All Covers

The lengths of devices are pre-cut. You get them in three widths: 36 inches, 42 inches, and 48 inches wide. In case you need narrower installation, then you need to cut the device as per width. Before installing covers, check the push bar operation once. There is separate instruction for ‘No Trim’, ‘With Trim’, and Dogging type doors. Secure latch bolt engagement. Install chassis cover on chassis, and install an end cap. These instructions vary from the design or make of the security door. The best thing is to call the installation support team if you are not confident about it.

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