How Window Roller Shutters Help In Reducing Winter Condensation?

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Keeping the home warmer in the winter is a priority item than keeping it cool in the summers. However, in winter, condensation is a big problem. When the inner temperature goes below a certain level, and the humidity is high, the vapors start condensing and accumulate on every surface in the form of water droplets.

Installing a roller shutter in Adelaide could be an effective way you can reduce water condensation. It establishes a barrier between the glass and the atmosphere. Thus, the temperature of the glass doesn’t go below the condensation point.

Sources that create condensation

  • Baths and showers
  • Water evaporation from mopping floor or benchtops
  • Washing and drying clothes inside the home
  • Cooking
  • Boling water
  • Watering the indoor plants
  • Water storage in the house

Indeed, you can’t stop the air from entering the room. However, you can make a buffer against the chilling temperature. A good option is to install insulated roller shutters Adelaide. It protects the cold air from entering the room.

How do roller shutters prevent condensation?

Roller shutters create dead air pockets between the surrounding areas and the glass surface fitted in the window or door. The dead air pocket prevents the glass from touching the dewpoint (the temperature required to condense the water vapors). Thus, the vapors do not get condensed, and the glass surface remains clear. Experts say that the window shutter has been found incredibly useful in saving the home from water condensation during winters.

Roller shutters are better than energy-efficient windows

It is a fact that insulated roller shutters are far better than installing energy-efficient windows. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Insulated roller shutters enhance the U-value rating of the existing door and window. They create a dead air pocket between the surface of the glass and the air. The air is the poor conductor of heat; it improves the thermal insulation.
  • Roller shutters control temperature fluctuations more effectively than any other method.
  • They enhance the U rating of windows.
  • You get better ventilation.
  • Roller shutters keep the house warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • Your home remains safe from UV rays.
  • There is a noise reduction by installing window roller shutters.

window shutter repairs in Adelaide are durable and cost-effective. They offer security. The benefits you get by installing window roller shutters exceed the cost you incur. Therefore, experts recommend them for every household.


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