How To Use A Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Adelaide

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Adelaide

Wood-fired pizza is one of the favorites of people. It is because of its incredible taste and amazing crust. However, it needs special efforts to light a wood pizza oven Adelaide. If you do not know its trick, then the quality will not be up to the mark.

Let’s understand how to use a wood-fired pizza oven.

Build the fire well

The trick is, start it from the center. Light 5-6 sticks and some fire starter. Add a few pieces of seasoned medium or hardwood.

Nowadays, people make use of butane torches as well. It depends on your choice. Butane torch ignites the fire quickly.

Do not use fire starters that have a strong odor. It will leave a taste in the pizza.

Once the fire starts, add few more pieces of wood. Thus, the flame reaches the center and front of the dome. Use wood that burns easily and does not leave excessive smoke.

Once the fire establishes, you are supposed to add wood regularly.

Heat the dome well

There are several service providers that offer wood pizza oven hire Adelaide. Whether you hire it or buy it, it is essential to learn the method of using the oven properly.

After some time, the top center of the pizza oven dome starts turning white. It indicates that the dome has reached up to the right cooking temperature. It happens because the carbon accumulated on the dome turns white when the temperature rises beyond a specific temperature.

Once the top of the dome heats, you need to add fire towards the walls. Thus, there will be uniform heating.

Achieve the right cooking temperature

It takes roughly 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the dimension of the oven, to reach the right cooking temperature.  If you ask the wood fired pizza oven hire Adelaide service provider about that, then it will tell you the optimum temperature specific to that oven.

It depends on several parameters like the size of the oven, the shape of the cooking dome, and so on.

Experts say that it is good to rest the oven for 15-20 minutes after moving the fire. You can start baking pizzas now. After some time, the temperature will be enough to cook crusty, juicy pizzas.

No matter which model of oven you use, a wood-fired oven guarantees tasty, smoky pizzas. It brings out the real, divine taste that satisfies you the most.

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