How to open your garage door when the power out?

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How to open your garage door when the power out?

A garage door is normally power operated. However, rarely there are occasions when you have to operate it manually. Maybe, there is a power outage or there is a malfunction in the garage door.

If it happens when you are busy, then it is quite frustrating.

The first thing you should do is to call a specialist to repair garage roller doors in Adelaide. But if it is not possible and you have a little technical knowledge, then you can try out some easy and practical methods to open the garage door.

What to do when garage door power is cut?

Keep the door in the down position

Before you try to disengage the garage door opener, you must ensure that the door is in the down position. Remember, never try to do that when the door is open. It is very important.

In case, the spring is broken or it is not properly balanced, then the garage door may slam to the ground due to the full weight of the garage door.

If your garage door is stuck in the open position, then you have to call a specialist to repair the garage roller door in Adelaide.

Pull the Emergency Release Cord

There is an emergency release cord that hangs from the trolly of your garage door. The release cord should be located near the front of the door when the door is in the closed position. The trolley is connected to the door open carriage through the attachment point. The emergency release cord disconnects the trolly from the carriage so that the door operates manually.

If the cord is damaged, then you should call garage roller door repair in Adelaide.

Move the garage door and return to the down position manually

If you cannot lift the door, then there is a possibility that the spring is broken. You will have to contact a garage door repair specialist.

Pull the emergency release cord toward the door

You will have to pull the release cord toward the door to re-engage the carriage and operate the garage door electrically.

It will compress the spring lever and allow the two mechanisms to connect once more.

Re-connect the trolley to the opener carriage

You should run the opener for a complete cycle when you want to reconnect the trolley to the opener. You hear a loud click when the carriage and trolley pass one another. Thus, they can get connected and the door can be opened electrically again.

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