Roller vs sectional garage doors – which type is best suited to my home?

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Roller vs sectional garage doors – which type is best suited to my home

Choosing the Right Garage Door: Roller vs Sectional

When you are in the process of making a decision to install a new garage door, it becomes a tough decision. Picking a specific style over another could be challenging if you do not have any special preference for a style. One important consideration could be garage doors prices in Adelaide. But if there is no cost constraint, then you must compare the pros and cons of every door first.

To help make the decision easier for you, and to tell you the differences between two fantastic options, Roller doors, and sectional garage doors, let’s compare them in detail.

Comparison of Roller vs sectional garage doors

  • As far as operation is concerned, they’re quite similar. Both roller and sectional doors are compact. They open vertically and do not take up any external space in front of the garage. It means you get more parking space for your car.
  • If you compare aesthetics and construction, then a roller door is made from aluminum or steel. They are individual slats interlinked and locked together to form a curtain. The door rolls up neatly. A sectional door is made of panels connected together to form a consistent sheet. Sectional garage doors in Adelaide are available in awider range of materials, e.g., steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, fiber, or timber.
  • Sectional doors need more internal, overhead space for installation. The doors will slide along rails and settle along the ceiling of the garage door when it is fully opened. On the other hand, roller doors will roll neatly into the box. It can be inside or outside of the aperture of the garage.
  • As far as aesthetics and design are concerned, then sectional doors are available in different styles. Roller doors are limited in styles and designs. You can choose from a narrow slat design or a wide slat design.
  • If you’re renovating your garage, then insulation will be extremely important. The sectional door features panels filled with dense foam and is equipped with rubber seals around its top, sides, and bottom. Due to the thickness of the foam, a sectional door is continuous, not interlinked.
  • It is possible to decorate both door styles in a wide range of colors. When you choose a particular type of door, you should consider a door that has a good overall design and visual appeal.

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