How To Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer in Adelaide

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How To Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer in Adelaide

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As you start feeling the warmth of the summer sunshine, you remember the air-conditioning system. Yes, very soon you will need it.

Before the summers get hotter, it is better to make it ready. You do not want surprises on a sizzling afternoon.

Here are some simple and quick ways of preparing the air-conditioner for summer.

You should check the air filters first

Even if you do not use the system for a few months, the air filters accumulate dirt and dust. There is a strange smell as soon as you put on the air-conditioner.

It means the filters are not clean. Take them out, clean them using a soft brush, and rinse them with warm soapy water.

Now since you will be using the air-conditioner more, the filters will get dirty very fast. They should be cleaned every week.

Check the ducts

You should clean the ducts because of two reasons. The dust and debris get cleaned and you get more airflow.

Also, clean ducts ensure that you get good quality air. It is more important to clean them if there are elderly members in the family or someone has asthmatic trouble.

Duct cleaning is not a job that you can do at home like cleaning the filter.

You need experts for that. Call an AC maintenance company.

Check the outdoor unit

Don’t forget the condenser unit placed outside the house. It accumulates dust, debris, leaves, and other garden matter. It drops the efficiency of cooling. Also, the temperature may get high and cause damage to the system.

So, clean the outdoor unit thoroughly. You should check for pest infestation.

See if the system is working fine

Even if the days are not warm enough yet to switch on an air-conditioner, you should do it to see the effectiveness. Your air-conditioner should quickly cool the room.

Check the other functions such as:

  • See whether the air is coming out of the vents. There are no strange sounds, the system is working quietly.
  • The room gets cool quickly.
  • There are no leaking pipes.
  • The fans or blowers are working fine.

If everything is fine, then the system is in a good condition. Once you start using it extensively, you should call a service engineer to check its health.

Sometimes, the AC system does not work due to some faults. You should call the technician and get the faults prepared.

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