What are the different types of Roller Shutters?

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What are the different types of Roller Shutters?

Why Roller Shutters Adelaide get so much accolade? It is because they provide an effective way to protect your property. And since the choices are many, you can pick one that you like the most.

What types of shutters are available today? Let’s know about it in this blog. But before that, we should understand what roller shutters are.

Roller Shutters

As you can understand by their name, roller shutters operate by rolling up and down on guides fitted to either side of your door or window.

The guides are designed in such a manner that it is not possible to pull the shutters out to gain access to the door or window.

When the shutter is up, they are discreetly hidden on the inner side of the doorway. In some shutters, there is a narrow cassette given to hide the shutter.

There are two reasons you install roller shutters. They provide safety and privacy. And they block out the heat.

Though once installed, shutters work without any trouble. If there are any issues due to wear or accidental damage, then you need to call Roller Shutter Repairs Adelaide to get the problem fixed.

Types of roller shutters

  • Aluminum shutters: They are made from aluminum slates joined together. Each slat has a cavity, filled with insulating foam. You get shutters made from both recycled aluminum and virgin aluminum both. They are lightweight and long-lasting. Roller Shutters Adelaide suppliers take a measurement before installing shutters.
  • Steel shutters: These shutters are made from galvanized steel slats. They lock together. Some steel shutters contain insulating foam. Steel shutters are available in different colors. The powder-coated colors make them attractive and durable.
  • Timber shutters: These shutters are made from wood. You can choose the timber of your choice. If you want a natural finish, then you can pick unpolished shutters.
  • Polycarbonate shutters: They are made from a combination of metal and polycarbonate. Such composite shutters are becoming very much popular nowadays. They remain unaffected by the weather.

How to pick the best shutters?

It depends on your preference. Before you finalize a particular type of shutter, you should perform a comparative analysis.

Also, you need to be clear about the choice of manual versus motorized shutters. In motorized shutters, there is a small motor fitted to raise or lower the shutter.

The shutters need repair and maintenance regularly. You should call Roller Shutter Repairs Adelaide service for maintenance.

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