How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home?

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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

You are going to have a difficult time if you see cockroaches in our home. Yes, getting rid of them is difficult. They are a menace and cause diseases and health hazards such as Salmonella or E-coli.

How will you make your house free from cockroaches? Before understanding that, we should understand the fundamental cause of cockroach infestation.

One main cause is keeping the house uncleaned. When the surroundings are not kept well, it is a big feeding opportunity for cockroaches. They thrive in humid, hot climates.

In old houses, there is always rotten wooden furniture or doors and windows. Cockroaches not only live in the gaps there but also feed on it.

If the floors and walls have holes and cracks, then cockroaches build their colonies and live happily.

How will you get rid of them? Should you dial the number of a Pest Control Adelaide company? Yes, if cockroaches have created a havoc.

However, for miner manifestation, you can try some easy tips.

Close all gaps first

You should fill all possible entry points using caulk. Any gap between the tiles, behind doors, below the windows, or any other place, should be filled well.

Small openings and gaps become their favorite places to hide.

Put baits everywhere

Several types of baits are there, but gel baits are the best. You can buy a tube from the market and apply it under baseboards and near cervices and cracks.

The only problem is you will have so many dead cockroaches around.

Bait stations are also useful in cockroach eradication. They attract cockroaches into stations to feed the poison. Once a cockroach eats the bait and goes back to the colony, it dies.  Other cockroaches eat it and die.

You can get good-quality baits from Adelaide Pest Control Companies.

You need to be careful while kids or pets around. Do not use bait stations in such cases.

Use boric acid

We all are familiar with it. Boric acid can be amazingly effective in controlling cockroaches. However, it gets displaced by air and loses its effectiveness. The good thing with boric acid is that it is deadly for cockroaches but safe for humans and pets.

You cannot use it as the sole method to get rid of cockroaches. It has to be combined with others.

Call a pest management company

When the problem is bigger, you should call a pest control company. It brings a specialization in treating the problem.

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