How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall?

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How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall

A water leak is dangerous. But it is furthermore dangerous when the leak is invisible. Yes, this problem happens when the water line is concealed. The water seeps in and you do not know about it.

Do you feel that the same problem exists in your home? Well, before you dial the contact number of emergency plumber Adelaide, you should know a few signs of water leakage.

You should be watchful of them. If you do not fix them right away, then there could be damage to the property and health also. When there is moisture inside the wall for quite a long time, then it will boost the growth of mold and algae.

Signs of a water leak

  • Discoloration of walls: Leaky water pipes inside the wall always cause discoloration. If you see that, then it is important to call the best plumber and get the repairs done.
  • Mold in areas where you do not expect it: Yes, it is another prominent sign that there is a problem with water leaks. Suddenly, you see the growth of algae or mold on a wall that is not related to the bathroom or washroom. It means the water carrying pipes have been damaged and water is coming out. Black or brown mold is the most relevant and significant symptom.
  • Wet areas: It is one more prominent reason. A wet wall means the pipe is leaking inside the wall. If the wet area is visible near your hot water system, then you should call the hot water repairs Adelaide. Get the hot water system checked first. If there is no problem with that, then you should see the other walls and the possibility of leakage.
  • Peeling wallpaper or paint: Yes, when there is leakage inside the wall, the water seeps in. It makes the outermost layer lose. The wallpaper or paint leaves the surface and peels out.
  • Pools of water: If there is a water pool that is not apparently coming from any appliance, then it is surely because of water leakage. For that, you should call an expert plumber Adelaide to check the level of the problem. Get the best solution.
  • A strange smell: Water leakage inside the wall generates some strange, musty smell. It is quite peculiar, and you can sense that.

These simple signs can alert you about water leaking inside the walls. Get it resolved as soon as possible.

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