5 Things You Need To Know About Auto Air-Con Regassing

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5 Things You Need To Know About Auto Air-Con Regassing

When you want to get the best output from your car, it is essential to perform regular maintenance. The air-conditioner unit of a car is a sealed system. Therefore, it doesn’t need much maintenance. However, the refrigerant gas gradually leaks sometimes from the system. When it happens, the air blown is not sufficiently cold. You have to see an expert car service Adelaide when such a thing happens. He will suggest an Auto Air-Con Regassing service to regain the cooling performance. It is useful for all types of vehicles, whether it is a personal vehicle or a commercial fleet. What is all that you should know about Auto Air-Con Regassing service?

Here are the most essential 5 things that are essential.

How long does an Auto Air-Con regassing take?

As far as the total time required for regassing is concerned, then it is not more than one hour. If the car mechanic is located at a nearby distance, then it will not take more than three hours in total. So, you can get it done on a weekend without wasting the whole day.

Do you need to make an appointment for that?

Well, it depends on how much busy the mechanic Adelaide is? You will have to call the mechanic before you go there. It may possible that you need to book a slot. However, since the work does not take much time, it may possible that you will get a direct service.

Will the car be inspected before regassing?

Of course, before the car mechanic Adelaide removes the refrigerant gas, an inspection will be carried out to check whether the air-conditioner is in good working condition or not. If the checking reveals that there is a problem, then it has to be thoroughly checked. But if the initial inspection doesn’t find anything abnormal, then only regassing work is done.

How much gas is used annually?

Well, if it is a properly maintained Auto Air-Con system, then there is no loss of refrigerant gas. But if it is diagnosed that some loss is there, then it is a problem. You need to resolve it as soon as possible.

Is any log book maintained?

When you take the car for servicing, the log book is maintained. However, that does not include regassing details. But maintaining a record of that is always a good idea. Ask your mechanic to do that.

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