How much does professional termite treatment cost Australia?

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termite treatment Adelaide 

professional termite treatment Adelaide

Even if it is mandatory and you know that it is an inevitable cost, you will be interested in knowing about the cost of Termite Treatment Adelaide before you give the contract. It is because there are various dimensions of the problem, and you do not know whether it is going to be an affordable thing or not.

What are the different elements involved in termite treatment and how do they affect the costing? Well, you will have to read this article to know that.

Before that, you must know two types of treating Termites Adelaide.

  • The quick treatment: It works in the area where live termites are there. It means it works on a localized basis. It could be either spray, foaming, or dusting treatment. Experts say that since it is applied in limited areas, the cost is also less. It is typically between 300$ to 600$. The cost is quite reasonable. Therefore, it is preferred by customers.
  • Detailed termite treatment: It is a detailed procedure where the product is applied to the whole affected area. Before that, small piercings are put into the affected areas. The products are slow-acting and non-repellent. The cost of non-repellent chemicals is higher than the normal repellent chemicals. They only kill termites on contact. The cost is much higher. It is between 500$ and 100$ or more.

Some ballpark figures

Let’s talk about some ballpark figures for Termite Control Adelaide.

  • Preliminary termite treatment costs around 300 to 700 dollars. It includes spraying, foaming, or dusting using a termite killer.
  • Baiting is an expensive item. However, it is far more effective than others. The cost may anything between 2000$ to 3000$. However, you get long-term relief from the menace. If you want to repeat the treatment after some time. The repeated treatment will cost around 1000$.
  • The cost of termite treatment increase if the whole work has to be done from scratch It begins with termite inspection and then all necessary treatment.
  • Baiting systems for the entire home will cost around 2500$ to 3500$ for a small to a large home. Remember, the baits should be serviced and baited every month. If the frequency is reduced, then the cost will also drop. However, we will be compromising on its effectiveness when we reduce the frequency of baiting. Some cheap service providers do such manipulations.

Call a termite treatment company and get the exact costing for your house.

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