How much does it cost to install a split system air conditioner?

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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Cost to Install a Split System Air Conditioner

A long list of factors to consider when you start calculating the cost of Air Conditioning Adelaide. What are these factors?

The total cost includes the cost of the air-conditioner unit and other materials and the cost of labor. The type of air-conditioner and its size is important. How many units are to be installed?

You need interconnecting cables, pipes, and other electrical materials to carry out the job. If there is no previous air-conditioning, then you will need cable ducting necessary for installation.

In some houses, the meter board is not compatible. It has to be upgraded to bear the additional load. It involves cost.

The cost of labor is different in different areas. That you have to get confirmed before calling a technician. You can call consultants if any technical help is also needed.

Let’s arrive at the estimated cost

You must have understood by now that it is difficult to calculate the exact cost as the factors are variable. However, we can arrive at some estimated figures that can give a fair idea.

Installation charges are on per hour basis. Most experts charge between 70$ to 90$ per hour. Your location, the complexity of installation, and market demand are the aspects that determine the cost of installation.

Let’s assume that it takes up to two working days. Hence, the upper-most cost of Air Conditioning Adelaide would be 1200$ to 1400$ for labor.

Cost of the air-conditioner unit

Again, here also the price variation is quite wide. The cost may be anything between 700$ and 3000$. The options are practically unlimited. You are supposed to decide your priorities and choose a system that fits your property requirements and budget.

Room size, cooling or heating capacity, and brand affect the cost of the air-conditioner.  For an average room size of 10 to 25 square meters, the estimated cost is 700 to1200 dollars. For medium-sized rooms of 25 to 35 square meters, you need to spend 900 to 1500 dollars. For larger rooms, it may go up to 2500 or 2700 dollars.

When you choose a split-system air-conditioning unit, you must consider the size and type of the room. It will help in determining the cost more accurately.

The total Air Conditioning Adelaide cost is the sum of air-conditioner cost, installation cost, and the cost of the material.

You can seek consultation from local air-conditioning technicians for more accurate quotations. It will help you in planning your expenses correctly.

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