How much does installing a gate cost?

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Fencing Adelaide

Fencing Adelaide

Are you planning to have a driveway gate? If yes, then it is important to do some research and study.  These gates are wide, and they define your property. You may choose any material, but it should match with Fencing Adelaide.

Timber is the conventional choice, but nowadays many people prefer lightweight materials such as wrought iron or aluminum. They are available in many designs and available in a wide range of colors and styles.

A driveway gate complements your house. Whether you use a design that is more open and wider or a closed one that blocks the vision; it depends on your personal preference.

Check the posts for the gate. Some people prefer concrete pillars or pillars made from bricks and stone. It depends on the basic structure and design of your house and the type of gate you are interested in.

The cost of the gate depends on several parameters. You should consider them while choosing a particular gate for your home. Let’s know about the approximate cost of different types of gates. All these are estimates and you should call one of the best Fencing Contractors Adelaide to know the exact figures.

Timber gate

A simple timber gate costs around 400 dollars to 600 dollars. A wide gate may cost around 900 to 1200 dollars. There are various types of woods used for this. For example, treated pine, hardwood, and so on.

Complex gates are costlier because they need higher expertise.

Installation of these gates will be charged separately by Fencing Adelaide service providers.

Steel gates

Galvanized steel gates are available for 100 to 150 dollars. These gates are called farm gates because they are more popularly used on farms.

Aluminum gates

Nowadays, aluminum gates Adelaide are preferred over galvanized gates because they are durable and lightweight. Powder-coated gates look beautiful, and these gates are free from rusting.

A standard gate of 4 meters in width may cost around 3000 dollars for a single gate. A complex and elaborate double gate may cost as high as 4500 dollars. You should ask Fencing Contractors Adelaide about the exact cost.

Motorized driveway gates

You can choose between electrically powered or solar-powered. A solar-powered gate is a cost-saving option. With the improved solar collectors, you can expect better performance nowadays.

Electrical drive-away gates will cost between 2000 dollars to 2200 dollars. The cost includes motors, hinges, and wireless receivers.

As mentioned earlier, all these costs are indicative figures.

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