Does window tint go on the inside or outside?

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Does window tint go on the inside or outside

Is car window tinting beneficial?

If there are no window tints installed, then you do not realize how beneficial they are. Once you get them by hiring an expert that does car window tint in Melbourne, you understand their benefits.

Without tints, your car is exposed to the world. It is very easy for others to see what is going on inside.

But do the tints offer privacy only? No, there are many other advantages of it. Other than improving privacy, tinting your windows has several advantages, especially when done professionally.

If you want tinted windows, you should definitely go for them.

Are you not sure where to begin? You may be confused as to where the window tint is supposed to be applied.

If you want to know how to apply for a car tint in Melbourne, then this is the best place. This blog tells you about how to apply tints and where.

Do you apply window tints on the Outside or Inside?

Most of the experts who provide window tint in Melbourne prefer to have the car windows tinted on the inside. Without checking the edges minutely, it is impossible to make out whether the windows have tints covering the inside of the car windows.

Why is it from the inside?

A window tint is a thin polyester sheet. It is applied to the windows of vehicles. They certainly improve the aesthetic appeal of your car. Since the outside surroundings are always harsh on the thin film, they last longer when installed inside.

You install tints because you want protection inside from harmful UV rays. Since glass windows allow a lot of heat and light into the car, it can be dangerous for the people inside.

By installing a protective layer of window tints from inside, a lot of sunshine gets filtered. Interior installation can ensure that your window tints protect you from the impact of elements.

Can you apply Window Tint from outside?

You can tint windows on the outside in the same manner you can apply them on the inside. To get the best results, you should spend money on the best-quality window films. When you install film on the outside, it is vulnerable to damage from many sources, including abrasive cleaners.


So, we can say that it is always beneficial to tint windows from the inside. They bring better and long-lasting results. Installing them outside will not be beneficial to that extent.

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