Heavy Duty or Light Security Screen Doors

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Security Screen Doors Adelaide

When it comes choosing a security door, the choices are many. Hence, it is essential to understand the differences so that you can pick the best & the perfect. According to experts, the security door that satisfies your needs is the best one. As they say, “one size doesn’t fit all”, you need a bespoke door to meet your requirements. When you select, there is always confusion about whether to choose a heavy-duty security door or a light one? Well, it depends on what is your purpose of installing the security door? This blog talks about the properties of heavy-duty and light security doors Adelaide.

Type Of Construction

Heavy-duty doors are made from steel. They have corner construction & welded mitered joints. To ensure 100% safety, they have stainless-steel hinges. Though they are durable and sturdy, these doors Adelaide are heavy to move. Light security doors are made from the heavy aluminum frame. To make them sturdy enough, kick plate panels are used. Thus, they can withstand stress blows in spite of the aluminum body.

Mesh Screen

Heavy-duty doors screens are available in a variety of diameter choices of wires. They can be pure stainless steel wires or a combination of stainless-steel and aluminum. The screens can withstand 60 pounds of static weight as per laboratory tests. In light security doors, a variety of aluminum mesh screens are used, this mesh is sturdy but allows a lot of fresh air and light. In spite of being made from aluminum, the mesh offers great security.

Lock & Other Hardware

It is the next critically important aspect of a security door. The handle and lock are essential components. A handle that features a lock along with a deadbolt is considered the best. It should have a double key locking system. Thus, you can lock it from inside and outside both. Many people install a secondary deadlock for added security. It features a key lock from outside. Whether it is a heavy-duty door or light, you should never overlook the sturdiness of locks and other hardware.


It is needless to mention that heavy-duty doors are costlier than the lightweight doors. Just because of that, many people change their minds. However, one should not compromise on the security of your home. Make a checklist of the features and then compare different models. You have to select a door that fits into your set of expectations. Hence, spend sufficient time in doing research.

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