5 Ways To Decrease The Cost Of Asbestos Removal

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Have you just now discovered that there is asbestos in your building? Or fear you may discover its presence? If yes, then the first thing you should do is cost estimation. Older buildings may contain high proportions of asbestos, then you have to spend more on Asbestos Removal Adelaide. When you decide to remove asbestos, the most important thing to consider it cost. Here are five measures to decrease the cost.

#1 Calculate the area

If you feel that the total area of asbestos coverage is not much, then you must calculate the cost by square-feet calculation and not on an hourly basis.

It affects in two ways

  1. Since the calculation is based on area, the removal company will not spend extra time in removing asbestos.
  2. The material required for removal will be used in proportion to the coverage area

Thus, by calculating the area in square feet, you will save costs greatly.

#2 Reduce the amount of material

Asbestos removal requires material. It means you can talk to the removal company about reducing the cost. The amount of material depends on the asbestos presence per square feet or per square meter. Costs depend on several aspects such as the quality of workers who are removing it, how much cost is required to dispose, or how difficult the asbestos removal is? You need to be particular about it.

#3 Type of material

Cost also depends on the type of material involved. Where is the concentration of asbestos? Is it more in the flooring or ceiling?  Each type of removal involves different types of costs.

Just to give you a perspective, here are costs listed from the cheapest one to the most expensive one.

  • Flooring is the least expensive one.
  • Roofing requires more money to remove asbestos.
  • Thermal system insulation such as pipe insulation is an expensive type of asbestos removal.

To reduce the cost of removal, you need to discuss with the removal company and negotiate for the price well.

#4 Accessibility

Areas that are difficult to reach, may require more money for asbestos removal. For example, if there is a high concentration in roofing, high ceilings, or areas confined behind other stuff, then you will need more money for asbestos removal.

#5 Location

Though you have less control over this parameter, you can reduce cost by collaborating with other people in the area who want to remove asbestos. If the removal company gets multiple projects in the same area, then it can give you a concession.

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