FAQ About Asbestos Removal In Adelaide

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asbestos removal adelaide

Asbestos Removal In Adelaide

Asbestos is a commonly mixed natural material in various construction materials. It has various good qualities such as insulating capability, tensile strength, and many other benefits. However, due to the health risks of asbestos, its use has been stopped a few decades back. The risks came to surface in the mid of ‘70s and the use was phased out in commercial and industrial applications during the mid-eighties.

Still, the material may be present in buildings built before 1980. The cost of asbestos removal is high in these buildings. Asbestos removal Adelaide is a procedure that is used for removing it completely.  It has to be done carefully. People have many doubts and questions about the removal of asbestos. Here are some common questions and their answers.

Is there any possibility of getting exposed to asbestos in case of a fire?

In the initial firefighting stage, there is no asbestos exposure if the firefighters wear respirators. It prevents asbestos from being inhaled. Asbestos may get disintegrated and released into the air. Since the fibers are not combustible, and it can linger in the air for a long time. Therefore, it is important to keep the necessary precautions when you deal with asbestos.

Is Asbestos more likely to be present in certain structures?

Asbestos is not present in every building that was made before the ‘80s. However, there is no definite way to tell whether it is present in the building or not. Fireproof structures used asbestos in the construction material. You have to read the building manual to get specific information about it.

What are the health risks of asbestos?

Asbestos fibers enter the lungs and get trapped inside. The fibers may cause scarring in the long run and develop the risks of medical complications such as asbestos is and mesothelioma. The risk depends on exposure.

Does one-time exposure cause risk?

When diagnosed with ailments related to asbestos, patients show a typical pattern. It is unlikely that one-time exposure may lead to the development of cancer. However, doctors advise that multiple exposures should be consulted with a doctor.

What should be done if asbestos is present in the equipment?

The best thing is to wash the equipment with water to remove fibers fully. It should be done on-site, but if it is not possible, then it should be done at the earliest. Asbestos exposure can be dealt with easily if you do it with precaution.

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