Common Air Conditioning Problems Adelaide And How To Troubleshoot Them

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Air Conditioning Adelaide

In Adelaide, the temperature rises at unbearable levels in summers. It is impossible to live without keeping the Air Conditioning in Adelaide on. Whether it is a normal air-conditioner or revere cycle air-conditioner, there is could be a problem if it is extensively used. What are the typical air-conditioning problems faced by users? Well, read the blog to know about it.

Electrical problems

Though the problem is not due to the air-conditioning system always, it causes the breakdown of the A/C system ultimately. If you feel a burning smell when you switch it on, then it indicates a problem. The best thing is you should call an electrical engineer. Never switch on the A/C system unless it is examined by a support engineer. There could be a short-circuit or fire.

Not always incorrect wiring is the reason for short circuits. It happens due to incorrect installation as well. Hence, call a certified, standard installer to do the job.

Reduction in refrigerant

Refrigerant or coolant is the chemical that is responsible for the temperature drop. When it reduces, the efficiency of the A/C system gets hampered. You can troubleshoot it by monitoring the cooling efficiency. You have to keep the system on for a longer time. It causes an increase in utility bills and excessive pressure on the Air-conditioner. Check the level of coolant regularly. If it is found during the regular inspection, then change or refill it.

Accumulation of dust

Coils are prone to dust accumulation. It causes a reduction in the A/C efficiency as high as 50 percent. It causes an increase in the utility bill. Also, dust accumulation in condenser and evaporator coils causes repair if cleaning is not performed. It causes a reduction in the airflow, and the cooling efficiency affects.

Foul smell

Every time you switch on the Air-conditioner, you smell something weird. It is because of the bacteria and mold inside the air filter. Regular cleaning reduces the problem. If the filters get damaged by mold, then you have to replace them. If the smell is caused by leakage of refrigerant, then it is a serious issue.


All problems can be avoided if you check and repair the system regularly. Make sure that the unit remains in good condition. Professional technicians can check and fix the issues easily. You can assign the responsibility for annual maintenance to some good agency in the town. It is good for the long life of your air-conditioner.

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