How do you know if you have termites Australia?

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Termite Control Adelaide

Termite Control Adelaide

Most houses use wood in some form or other in the structure, whether it is in the doors and windows, in partitions, or furniture. Since various qualities of wood are used, there is a possibility of including wood that is not treated for termites.

And this is the entry point for termites. They are quite destructive creatures, and you must control them when the number is lesser. You should dial the number of an agency that offers termite control Adelaide because it is specialized work.

Before performing actual termite control, the agency will do a check. Thus, it can determine the level of infestation.

Before termites attack severely, it is possible to find out their presence. How do you know if you have termites? Let’s get an understanding of the symptoms of their presence.

You see some structure like mud tube

Mud tubes show the presence of termites. These tubes are spread out from the ground along walls. It means the nest is somewhere close.

If you think breaking the tubes will resolve the problem, then you are wrong. Termites are hidden underneath in the wooden structures, partitions, and walls.

Whether it is an independent house or a high-rise building, nothing is completely safe from termites. Therefore, yearly termite monitoring control Adelaide is mandatory.

You see visible damage

When you see the damage, it means the problem has become severe. Termites are far more devastating than wood-boring insects. Because they eat the wood just below the surface. And they eat it completely.

Since they make very small external holes (the size of a needle prick), you cannot see it.

When you tap the wood and if it feels hollow, then it is surely a termite attack.

Still, you should call an expert that performs pest control Adelaide. Get it validated and do the needful.

You see a lot of termite swarms

They are common on warm and humid evenings. You see thousands of winged termites around the light sources. They are potential queens that can form a fresh colony.

The signs of swarm indicate that there is an existing colony nearby. And very soon, there can be new colonies.

Termites are harmful pests. They need immediate intervention and control. Otherwise, the loss will be enormous.

You need the expertise of a termite control expert that can check the presence of termites. He will do necessary pest control to eliminate the problem.

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