Difference Between Inverter And Non-Inverter Air Conditioning

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Image Inverter VS Non Inverter AC

Inverter VS Non Inverter Air Conditioning

Are you ready to beat the heat this summer? Have you finalized the air-conditioning system? If not, then it is high time to do that.

When an air-conditioner system alone consumes more than 10 percent of the total electricity bill, is it not right thing to spend time choosing the right selection criteria?

How do these two concepts differ? The blog explains it.

Inverter air-conditioner

In an inverter air-conditioner, there is a variable speed compressor motor. The motor adjusts the flow of refrigerant inside the unit to control the cooling and heating capacity.

The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the frequency of the power supply with the help of a variable-frequency sensor.

This intelligent controlling method reduces the frequency of start-stop cycles and increases energy efficiency.

Non-inverter air-conditioner

In a non-inverter air-conditioner, there is a compressor motor that works on a fixed speed.

These air-conditioners work on the concept of ‘all or none’, which means the compressor goes on and off instead of running at full speed all the time.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the compressor stops and starts again when the in-built thermostat senses the increase in the temperature.

Not only it creates a lot of noise, but it also consumes more electricity.

Thus, non-inverter air-conditioners are inferior to their counterparts in terms of energy consumption.

Key differences


An inverter air-conditioner controls the power supply frequency of the compressor motor by using an inverter. There is a variable-speed compressor in it, which regulates the temperature to provide adequate heating and cooling.

In a non-inverter air-conditioner, there is a fixed speed compressor that works on the concept of ‘all or none’, as mentioned earlier. In this system, the compressor switches on and off repeatedly.


Inverter air-conditioner adjusts the compressor to control the flow of the refrigerant. Thus, the interior temperature can be regulated.

When the system is switched on, the compressor works at full speed without the need to start and stop frequently.

In a non-inverter air-conditioner, the system works differently. Here, based on the room temperature, the air-conditioner delivers a fixed amount of power based on the interior temperature.

Hence, the compressor goes off as soon as the required temperature is achieved.


Inverter air-conditioner is a lot of quieter in operation. The non-inverter air-conditioner makes a lot of noise because of frequent switching on and off of the compressor.


Inverter air-conditioner is costlier than a non-inverter one. However, its installation cost is less.

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