Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them?

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Garage Roller Door Repairs in Adelaide

Garage doors are prone to problems because they are used frequently. And when there is any issue with the door, you have to call the best garage roller door repairs in Adelaide. Experts say that most problems can be avoided if one performs regular maintenance of the garage door.

What are the most common problems associated with them and how can you resolve them? Read this blog.

Basic garage doors issues faced

Unusual noise

Ideally, the garage door should operate in a noiseless manner. If it is making noise, then it means that the parts of the door are pressing each other. Typically, creaking, and squeaking noise can be reduced by applying lubrication.

But if there is a new garage door installation in Adelaide and you hear some grinding sound, then you should call the installation team to check the problem. It could be some fundamental problem with the garage door.

One more reason can be behind the unusual noise. The cables or rollers might be making the noise. They may need replacement. Your installation expert can decide about that.

Door closing issues

There can be a problem with the opening and closing of the garage door. A professional service person can check and analyze the problem. There might be a problem of obstruction to the photo eye sensor if it is an automatic gate.

If it is a manual door, then the problem is with cables or tracks. You need to replace the worn parts to make it functional again.

A completely stuck garage door

You have installed a New garage door in Adelaide, but it is not moving at all. It indicates an installation error. Rarely it happens due to a bent track or a broken moving part.

Each part of the door has to be properly aligned. Even a small alignment error can cause trouble. The parts will get damaged.

Call the installation team and get the door functional again.

Door closing very fast or slow

The door should close at a reasonable speed. If you see that it is closing unusually fast, then there is some issue. It could be because of a snapped spring or cable.

Don’t take this issue lightly. Call the service people immediately.

If it is closing slowly, then also you need to call service people and arrest the problem.

Garage doors are an important part of the home and they should work properly. Any issue, small or big has to be sorted out timely.

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