Common Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

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Common Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

When you have a car, it is mandatory to keep it in the pink of its health. To achieve that, you need to perform preventive and corrective maintenance. You know about the situation before they become a larger issue.

Here are four important tasks to learn when it comes to maintaining your car. If you do it well, then you will not have any need to take the vehicle to car repairs in Adelaide.

4 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Check the tires

It is one of the first maintenance tasks a driver should learn. And perhaps it is the most important also. You should move to a safe location. Set the parking brake and check the lug nuts. There is no need to remove them. Just check if they are properly fastened.

Also, check the suspension of the car. Some people prefer to get the suspension checked by a specialist in Adelaide. However, you can check it on your own.

Check Tire Pressure

Incorrect tire pressure can impact not just the driving comfort but also hamper the mileage of the car. Open the manual of the car and see what PSI is recommended by the manufacturer. You can check the existing pressure by using a pressure gauge. If you feel that the pressure is low, then make the pressure correct using a compressor.

Replace the wiper blades of the windshield

Though it is a minor thing, but very much important. The windshield of the car should be clean and clear always. Wipers clean the water and ensure better visibility. According to experts, wiper blades are supposed to be replaced after every six months, especially after the summer or winter.

Otherwise, you can also get them replaced by a car mechanic in Adelaide when you hear a squeaking or chattering noise.

Check the fluids in the car

There are many types of fluids in a car. There is engine oil, there is transmission fluid, then there is radiator fluid as well. All these fluids are like the lifeblood of your vehicle. It is, therefore, essential to keep a check on their levels. And the good news is that you need not be an automobile engineer for that. You just need to read the user’s manual for it. The manual will tell you about the details of how to monitor them properly. Also, it will tell you about the frequency of checking.

Make sure the engine is cool when you open the hood and check the internal parts.

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